Leading from Behind? or Just Lost?

Our President has likened his leadership style to leading from behind, a community organizing tactic.  Leading from the front or leading from behind, it doesn’t matter.  The key idea is leadership which suggests that someone is following you.  If no one is following you, then guess what?  You’re not leading!  And this brings me to the last two congressional votes for the President’s budget.  On Wednesday the House voted against Obama’s budget 414-0.  In May 2011, the Senate voted down Obama’s budget 97-0.  So out of the last two votes in Congress on the President’s budget, the combined vote is 511 against 0 in favor.

Folks, no matter how you spin it, that’s not leading.  If you’re the President and for two consecutive years, you can’t get a single member of your party in Congress to vote for your budget, then you are not leading anyone else to go where you are going.

Barack Obama  –  Going where no one wants to go!


About discriminatingviews

I am a small business consultant currently focused on placement and implementation of Electronic Health Record software for the small private practice community in Northeastern Ohio
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