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Progressive Distortion of Reality

I recently read a Puffington Host column by Steven van Zandt, whoever that is, entitled There is Only One Issue in America. ┬áThe author defines that problem as political campaigns tainted by private money, and that the solution is to … Continue reading

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Why are Liberals Increasingly Nasty?

Why are the lefty elites increasingly nasty and vitriolic in their attacks on their political opponents? This question refers not to the loons on MSNBC as they emerged from the cradle with a boulder sized thorn stuck in their big … Continue reading

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The Left’s Self Fulfilling Prophecy?

The tragic homicidal shooting spree that killed and wounded our fellow citizens in Tuscon, Az. was entirely the result of what appears, a mentally ill individual who had multiple run-ins with both campus police at Pima Community College and the … Continue reading

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